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​Welcome to Northern Sun Winery
Our Mediterranean
 Style Tasting Room invites you in to sip and enjoy!
Our  Red, Rose and Fruit Wines 

  1. Leon Millot
    Leon Millot
    A hybrid between old world French vines and hardy American stock. Smooth, smoky, round wine with velvety subtle notes of raspberry, cherry and a touch of chocolate.
  2. Sole Di Sera
    Sole Di Sera
    An irresistible blend of Leon Millot and Marquette wines. Its wide spectrum of flavors compliments beef, sharp cheeses
  3. Marquette
    Deep red, medium bodied wine made from grapes specifically designed to grow in colder climates lovely match for steaks, sausages, bold cheese and hardy pastas.
  4. Pater Familias
    Pater Familias
    Light Fruity and delicious with food or on it's own. Lingering mouth feel, amazing with rpork loin stuffed with cheese and ham, enjoy with your friends and family.
  5. Rose'
    A lively semi sweet wine. Notes of strawberry, cherry and watermelon. It's crispness is a great fit with snacks, spicy sauces or simply delicious on it's own.
  6. Rhubarb
    A sensational sweet wine fantastic with pork loin and roasted fennel, or any dessert.
Our White Wines
  1. Sur-Lie Frog
    Sur-Lie Frog
    Creamy, dry it's outtanding with pumpkin ravioli, cheddar cheese or grilled veal with sauteed muhrooms.
  2. St. Pepin
    St. Pepin
    An elegant, clean dry white wine. Pairs well with chicken with white wine sauce, or shrimp scampi.
  3. Splendor Di Sole
    Splendor Di Sole
    Dry, crisp and citric with a lingering mouth feel. Exhibits a subtle floral nose and a hint of honey. Perfect for pairing with seafood, chicken or veal.
  4. LaCrescent
    The balanced sweetness of this crisp white wine earned a Gold Medal in the Indy International Wine Competition and New York Finger Lakes
  5. Ragazza Di Sole
    Ragazza Di Sole
    A lovely semi sweet white wine. Pairs well with chicken and cheese.
  6. Brianna
    A soft, delightful semi sweet white wine with a smooth finish, Ideal with ham, tropical fruits and mild cheeses.
Our boutique style grape wines are completely grown, produced and bottled on site.  We may have other wines not listed, or some may be temporarily sold out.  We apologize if your favorite is not available at all times but trust you may find a new one.  Thank you and salut!